Things you might need:

Clothing you don't care about being damaged.

Clothing that covers the neckline, shoulders and stomach.

*Expended brass is HOT and will burn you*

Brimmed hat

Close toed shoes

Eye protection

Ear protection

Plenty of fluids

*Avoid caffeine/energy drinks.*


If you're under 18 years of age, your parent must physically stop in and sign a release form. 

Your trainer was mobilized in Enduring Freedom as an Army Drill Sergeant at Ft. Sill Oklahoma for Basic Training.

No matter what Military you're interested in, this will make you more prepared than other new recruits.

BONUS - you get to shoot an AR-15!

Boot Camp Prep


Safe and Practical  -Firearms Training-

Prerequisite: Desire to "Be All That You Can Be".

Photo ID 

US Citizen

Some of the topics covered:

  • Land Navigation
  • Shooting Qualification
  • Physical Fitness skills
  • ​Attitude

​This is Boot Camp Prep - NOT - Boot Camp!

BCP apx 6 hours  $100.00 

NRA Membership