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Safe and Practical  -Firearms Training-

Topics covered:

Preparation courses to get you ready for Defensive Pistol are:

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  • .380 or larger caliber
  • 200 rounds FMJ
  • Ear protection
  • Eye protection
  • Brass is HOT, clothing to protect your face, neck and the rest of yourself
  • Closed toe shoes
  • 6 hours, depending on your skill level

‚ÄčNRA Defensive Pistol - $150.00

  • NO written exam
  • Mostly shooting
  • The importance of carrying and using a pistol responsibly and ethically for personal protection
  • How the NRA Rules for Safe Gun Handling are applied to concealed carry
  • Basic principles of concealment
  • Presenting a pistol from holster, re-holster
  • Mental awareness
  • Mental preparation to develop a defensive mindset for carrying and using a pistol for personal protection
  • Techniques for avoiding life - threatening confrontations
  • Explain the psychological and physiological changes that may occur during an attack
  • Flash sight picture
  • Reloading under stress
  • Clear common stoppages
  • Cover and concealment
  • Presenting a pistol from concealment and shoot targets at varying distances

This is NOT a basic course, you must provide your own handgun, OWB holster, multiple magazines, and have the confidence to safely operate and manage your gun


Prerequisite: NRA Basic Pistol, CCW from most states

NOTE: Other certificates may be approved.