US Citizen - Photo ID - and a valid CCW Permit from any State or a Permit to Purchase a handgun are required. PTP at the County Sheriffs Office is about $5.00.

These required documents are to best let YOU (the good citizen) feel secure that the (not so good citizen) is NOT training beside you at our facilities. 

Your purpose for carrying a knife is?

Safe and Practical  -Firearms Training-

If you're under 21 years of age, your parent must physically stop in and sign a release form. 

Edged Weapons


NRA Membership


Edged Weapons are anything that you can stab, penetrate or cut with.  Most of us refer to knives to do this for us.

Your trainer is an Army Special Forces Soldier "Green Beret". 

We will demonstrate some Basic techniques to avoid getting cut or stabbed.  Sometimes a good defense is a good offense so you will learn how to use your knife against someone who wants to injure or kill you.

Prerequisite:  None

Things you will learn:

  • How bad intent people think
  • Mindset
  • Basic human anatomy
  • Deploying our chosen knife
  • Knife anatomy
  • Practice on each other (rubber knives)
  • Practice on BOB the mannequin

Don't be intimidated, this course is for everyone

who is at least 16 years of age with chaperone. 

Edged Weapons  is apx 8 hours  $150.00

Things you might 

Knee pads

Forearm pads

Eye protection

Groin area protection

Clothing appropriate for lots of moving.

Clothing that you are not worried about tearing or being ripped.

Clothes you will wear normally when you carry your knife, so you can realistically deploy it.