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Safe and Practical  -Firearms Training-

Home Firearm Safety



Seminars are held when an interested party will guarantee that they can provide at least (5) participants.  We will go to the place of your choice to hold the Seminar.  Some locations could be:  Your Home, School, College, Clubs,Women's Only, Scouts, or Business's, whether yours is private or a public Seminar. 

Contact  (SAP) - Safe and Practical Firearms Training if your interested in Hosting a Seminar. 

"MC" @ 402.312.3012

Home Firearm Safety

You will learn the basic knowledge and skill, and to explain the attitude necessary  for  safe  handling  and storage of guns in the home. 

This is a 3 hour course.

HFS - $30.00 each

Lessons Plans:

Knowing the Rules for safe Gun handling; Identifying and Unloading different Firearms;  Practical exercises in Safe gun handling; Types of Ammunition; Cleaning and Storage of firearms.

Each student packet contains a Handbook, Certificate, Safety rules brochure,   Firearm  Training  brochure.