Safe and Practical  -Firearms Training-

Begins 9:00am - Finish around 5pm

NE. CCW  $130.00

Things you will need:

  • Photo ID
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Shirt - Jacket - Vest which covers the firearm
  • Safe good working Handgun for every day carry
  • At least (2) magazines
  • 150 rounds of FMJ ammunition
  • This is an 8 hour course
  • OWB holster and MUST fully cover the trigger
  • No holsters with safety latches over the trigger i.e. Blackhawk Surpa etc...
  • Holsters must be secured to your dominant shooting side​
  • Clothing appropriate for the weather, and activity
  • Plenty to drink. Stay away from caffeine and energy drinks

 Be confident, we will prepare you well so you can do your best.

Hit the white area. 

Nebraska CCW Permit

OLD range, now used for other courses.

027.05 Applicants must take a written test consisting of a minimum of 30 questions. The Nebraska State Patrol will provide the test questions. A score of 70 percent will be the minimum passing score.

027.04B  The Nebraska State Patrol shall set the qualification course for the demonstration of competency. The course shall be 30 rounds with varying distances.  The target used shall be the FBI "Q" target.  A score of 70 percent will be the minimum to demonstrate competency. Participants in the Handgun Training and Safety Course will be allowed three attempts to demonstrate competency, meeting the mibimum standards. 

This should NOT be considered an Introduction course.  Although there are no prerequisites, It would be wise to have had some prior quality Pistol firearms training.  By State law, there is a shooting practical - Pass/Fail. 

NRA Membership

 All CCW courses are by appointment.   Simply put:   -  Flexibility  -  You contact me and together we will agree on a training day.  All of our courses are no more than 5 students firing at one time to provide a private training platform and a safer learning environment.