Overview for ALL Pistol courses:

Pistol Defense 1

The first level of becoming a better protector in a Practical environment

Safe and Practical  -Firearms Training-

Don't be intimidated.

We're here to train you up. 

Prerequisite:  A Pistol Basic course such as:

  • Pistol Fundamentals
  • NRA Basic
  • CCW from any state
  • Other certificates


NRA Membership


Pistol Defense 1 is a 5 hour course   $150.00 

Us Citizen - Photo ID - and a valid CCW Permit from any State or a Permit to Purchase a handgun are required. PTP at County Sheriffs Office is about $5.00.

 These required documents are to best let YOU (the good citizen) feel secure that the (not so good citizen) is NOT training beside you at our facilities.


  • Fight or Flight​
  • Understanding your firearms limits
  • Learning about ammunition
  • Movement drills
  • Shooting drills
  • Failure to fire drills
  • Combining all the drills
  • Shooting practice
  • Shooting practical
  • Some classroom
  • Mostly Range time