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Safe and Practical  -Firearms Training-

DON'T be intimidated, be PREPARED!  We will get you there.

We don't let the cost to become a better Marksman, cause you not to be.  After participating in ANY of our Pistol Defense courses, the current level that you achieved and below are HALF (1/2) the cost for return visits.

You must have taken a Basic Pistol course certified through the NRA, SAP-New Gunner, CCW from any state or proof from another school to attend SAP Pistol courses.

Along with bringing ear/eye protection, fluids to drink, proper protective clothing, and an OWB holster which fully covers the trigger,

you may like to have these items at ALL of the SAP courses.

  • Food/Snacks
  • Knee pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Handgun for every day carry
  • 300 rounds FMJ of ammunition
  • (2) yet more magazines are better
  • Sun protection
  • Hat

Our courses are approximations in time and since we spend most of our time on the range, our courses take less time.  We train to "Standard" not to time.

We have a CRAWL - WALK - RUN - RUN FASTER philosophy!

We cater to your individual comfort and speed, yet we make sure you get challenged.

We provide you with 3 Levels of training starting with knowing how to use your handgun, performing malfunction drills and getting back on line to fire  -to-  Multiple target recognition, assessing situation, making decisions, using cover/concealment while in different shooting positions, and scenarios. 

These are NOT Basic Pistol courses, 

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US Citizen - Photo ID - and a valid CCW Permit from any State or a Permit to Purchase a handgun are required. PTP at County Sheriffs Office is about $5.00.

These required documents are to best let YOU (the good citizen) feel secure that the (not so good citizen) is NOT training beside you at our facilities.

SAP Pistol Defense Overview