1.  Continuous disregard to safety will get you removed from training.

2.  Any sign of instability to include, but not limited to drug or alcohol use, these acts will not be tolerated.  The decision for removal will be under the Instructors discretion.

3.  Correct clothing is required - NO exceptions.

4.  NO ammunition in the classroom.

5.  Current Photo ID is required.

6.  We keep our attendance low to give;  you a better quality experience, more private style lessons,  a quicker response time to assist you, and more compact courses.

7.  NO refunds, yet you may use money for another course.

8.  If you are a no-show or cancel,  you get one reschedule.  After that,  along with the no refund, you're training is forfeited for that training event/course.

9.  Feel free to ask questions as often as needed.

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This page contains important information to help you achieve the best quality experience at Safe and Practical Firearms Training that you can.


You may see messages like:

...Valid CCW Permit to attend...

...Minimal Classroom...

...Half price...

...6 hour course...

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Safe and Practical  -Firearms Training-

It is best to take your time and read all the information within each course page.  

  • Courses will have different lesson plans and goals.  
  • Each will require different clothing requirements, firearms, ammunition quantities, etc...
  • Some courses require a parents permission to attend.  
  • Seminars are quite different from courses.
  • We provide some training which requires you to "pass" in order to move to the next level.
  • Prerequisites are mandatory in some training courses. 
  • NOTE: The course time frames are only approximations. Times will vary.

It is impossible to HOLD your reservation unless you have PAID. 

NOTE: Courses are  scheduled by appointment only. 

Private or Group training is available.

Feel free to ask questions as often as needed.