Safe and Practical  -Firearms Training-

We don't let the cost to become a better Marksman, cause you not to be. 

After participating in ANY of our Practical Med courses, the current level that you achieved and below are HALF (1/2) the cost for return visits.

Practical Medical are NOT basic courses.

 US Citizen - Photo ID - and a valid CCW Permit from any State or a Permit to          Purchase a handgun are required.  PTP at County Sheriffs Office is about $5.00.

 These required documents are to best let YOU (the good citizen) feel secure

  that the (not so good citizen) is NOT training beside you at our facilities.

Practical Medical courses are designed like the SAP Pistol and Rifle courses yet they have unique training protocols.

You can definitely use what you learned in the Practical Med courses and transfer it to whatever situation you may encounter at home, at the office, while on vacation or hunting.  Your trainer is an Army "Special Forces" Medic

-Green Beret- and also has 20 years experience in CPR - 1st Aid - EMT in a major city Fire department.  

In relationship to the SAP Pistol and Rifle courses, the Practical Med courses have tiers of training. You will start off with honing marksmanship fundamentals then move on to incorporating medical procedures that may help you in an emergency medical situation.

Each tier of learning becomes more demanding with your shooting skills, medical procedures, protective reasoning, decision making and reacting quickly and responsibly in each scenario.

As you progress in the Levels of training, addition equipment and personnel will be involved. You will learn how and what to pack in an emergency travel bag for different purposes.  You will get hands on training using bandages, tourniquets, splints, and suture.

As always, we have a CRAWL - WALK - RUN - RUN FASTER philosophy, so don't be intimidated.


Although you will need to respond and shoot accurately, the major focus is in SAFETY while giving emergency medical treatment for yourself and possibly others.


Practical Medical Levels 1 - 2 - 3

Practical Medical Courses


Along with bringing ear/eye protection, fluids to drink, proper protective clothing, and an OWB holster which fully covers the trigger,  

you may like to have these items at ALL of the SAP courses.


Knee pads

Elbow pads

Handgun for every day carry

200 rounds of FMJ ammunition

(2) yet more magazines are better

Sun protection

Levels 1-2 are apx 7 hours  $150.00 USD

Level 3 is apx 8 hours $175.00 USD


NRA Membership



  Prerequisite: You must have taken a Basic Pistol course certified through the NRA, CCW from any state or proof from another school to attend

  P/MED-1 course.


  Prerequisite: MED/P-1


  Prerequisite: MED/P-2