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Refuse to Be a Victim


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Refuse to Be a Victim


Initially developed by the women of the NRA of America in 1993 in response to women nationwide who requested crime prevention and personal safety information.

Today it is co-ed, since 1997.

This is a 4 hour Seminar in Crime Prevention and Personal Safety for WOMEN and MEN.

RTBAV - $40.00 each

Lesson Plans:

Psychology of Criminal predators; Mental preparedness; Home, Physical, Automobile, Travel  and Technological Security; Discuss Self Defensive training; Personal Protective Devices; Teaching modules;  Violence  and  Stalking.


Seminars are held when an interested party will guarantee that they can provide at least (5) participants.  We will go to the place of your choice to hold the Seminar.  Some locations could be:  Your Home, School, College, Clubs, Women's Only, Scouts, or Business's. You choose whether your's is a private or a public seminar. 

The NRA Foundation State Fund Committee Grants are available for RTBAV General Public Seminars to help off set the costs and attendance fees.

You may also form a Private or a Public Seminar.


Some examples of Organizations who may want to HOST a Seminar are: Realtor companies,  Boy or Girls Scouts of America, Colleges, High Schools, Grade Schools, Motorcycle Clubs, Volunteer Fire departments, Shooting Clubs, Women's organizations, Church groups, Health Clubs, Knights of Columbus and the list goes on...

Contact  (SAP) - Safe and Practical Firearms Training if you're interested in Hosting a seminar. 

"MC" @ 402-312-3012