Shotgun "Hunting"

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Everyone who completes the "Shotgun Hunting" course gets automatically entered into a FREE 1 day Nebraska Waterfowl HUNT.

You pick the day! M-Sunday Drawing will be held September 30.

You are responsible for gear and License. 

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Safe and Practical  -Firearms Training-

Safe and Practical Firearms Training 

​Shotgun "Hunting"

You will learn how to successfully load/unload,  apply the firearm safety rules, use the safety properly, handle and shoot a shotgun correctly in a hunting environment. 

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Shotgun Hunting  is apx 6 hours    $130.00 

​Things you will learn: 

Shotgun action types, what type to use for what type of situation, ammunition and it's uses, ballistic results, patterning, how to shoot moving targets,  maintenance, and shooting practice at moving targets as related to hunting situations.  

Why waste ammo by throwing led in the clouds?

Become accurate!