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If you are LE in any capacity, (DOD, Marshals, Sheriff, Police, Coast Guard, TSA) inform your  administrator and training officers about VECTOR SHIELDS. 

 This could be the difference in your lives.

What is the Vector Shield?

The Vector Shield is a de-escalation barrier that is designed to be placed between a law enforcement officer and a threatening person or suspect, while providing additional safety to the officer and suspect. Instead of escalating situations to deadly force, the Vector Shield can help reduce tensions and allow officers to respond to dangerous situations with more confidence in the face of potential threats.  Utilizing the Vector Shield allows an officer more reaction time to assess and re-assess a potential threat while reducing hasty reactions out of fear. Utilizing the Vector Shield helps the officer avoid unnecessary use of deadly force.  Presenting a barrier between the officer and suspect creates a potential deterrent for the suspect’s actions and reduces their aggression and may stop the threat completely. The Vector Shield is the first true de-escalation tool available to law enforcement.

*** If a threat to an officer’s life or others is imminent and de-escalating the situation is not possible, the officer can now address the threat with deadly force while also protecting their head, face and neck from gunfire and knife attacks. your paragraph here. ***

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